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Battery Powered Heater For Fish Tank

The mq submersible aquarium Heater auto thermostat is a Battery Powered Heater that is designed For fish tanks, the Heater imparts a power of 200 w and a temperature of 300 the Heater can be controlled with an industrial-grade motor. The Heater extends a life of 500 w and is equipped with a thermostat to keep the temperature consistent.

Battery Powered Heater For Fish Tank Walmart

This Battery Powered Heater is exceptional For your fish tank! It comes with an and can heat up to 300 watts, it also presents a temperature control to choose from, so you can customize the temperature your fish Tank needs. The submersible design means this Heater won't damage the water quality and the fact that it's facile to control with a hand handle make it unrivaled For home owners, the three-position heat control allows you to customize your water temperature to perfection your fish. This Battery Powered Heater is top For your fish tank! It offers an automatic thermostat that will keep your fish Tank at a comfortable temperature, while you sleep, it is furthermore waterproof, making it valuable For taking to an aquaphor water treatment room. The built-in sensor ensures even heat distribution and power is available to the fish Tank without needed to permission from your pet, even when there is no water in the tank.