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29 Gallon Metal Fish Tank Stand

This 29 Gallon Metal aquarium Stand is first-rate for learning about fish care and use, with its informative book-like cover and clear instructions, this Stand is sure to teach you of the latest fish changes and what to do when your fish start to out-grow their tank.

29 Gallon Fish Tank And Stand

This 29 Gallon fish Tank and Stand is top-of-the-heap for your 2029 Gallon fish tank! It's comfortable to hold and loves to see all the fish! It's exceptional for home or commercial aquariums, this aquatic fundamentals 29 Gallon Metal aquarium Stand is first-rate for learning about aquatic biology and fish care. The Stand is manufactured of Metal and is facile to move around, so you can have an accurate view of your fish, the Stand also grants two checkered floats and a flow meter to help you keep tabs on your fish's growth. This 29 Gallon Metal aquarium Stand is a terrific substitute to add an extra layer of protection for your aquarium, it is excellent for keeping your fish in and out of the water. The Stand imparts two legs that you can use for leaning against and is conjointly lightweight so you can move it around if needed, the Stand grants a manual switch for the use of keepers and a fine mesh life jacket size for keeping your fish alive. This 29 Gallon aqua Stand is a first-class surrogate to add an accent to your aquarium! This Stand is additionally best-in-class for holding marine species! The Metal is age is still the same whether you are scouring at the size of the aquarium or the stand's to the 29 Gallon aqua Stand is a beneficial addition to the market of Metal stands out there.